Gopinath Building contracting, as a provider of Civil construction services along with Corrosion control, Electrical, Mechanical and Electrical & Mechanical maintenance, is committed for continued improvement and to provide quality services, meet the specifications, requirements, expectations and to deliver the service on time.

This will be achieved through effective implementation of quality system procedure and total involvement of the employees at every stage.

Company Objectives

  1. To achieve better business performance through effective implementation of ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System.
  2. To increase the annual service turn-over.
  3. To explore the possibilities of new types of services.
  4. To focus on the core competence of painting.
  5. To establish a strong relationship for years with our CRM.
  6. To operate in the B2B Space
  7. To grow organically by leveraging the relationships to
    address the needs / services
  8. To focus on providing quality, professional and dependable

We Believe In Safty

At Gopinath Group, we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. We work to ensure that our employees are safe and adhere to all safety regulations on-and off-site. We consistently and carefully work to ensure that our employees and clients are safe. Our strict guidelines ensure work that is not only at an extremely high standard, but work that is followed by safety rules, instructions and procedures reflected on this guide with safety as a number one priority.

Our Commitment Towards Quality

At Gopinath Group, we strive for flawless execution of our work and deliver superior value to all our clients. We focus in achieving the highest level of quality possible. We monitor customer satisfaction very closely. Our scores consistently exceed client expectations and we are intently focused on continuous improvement in our relationship with our clients; our performance and the future for our teams.

Environmental Policy

It is Gopinath Group’s technical services policy to ensure that the highest standard of environmental protection is maintained.

We seek to continually improve our environmental performance, taking into account the development in blasting and coating industry and the customer needs. Gopinath Group follows the processes in a manner that it is not detrimental to the environment and to prevent pollution.

Gopinath Group regularly reviews and considers the impact of environmental issues on the business, through the monitoring of suppliers and contractors, material, products, new technologies and financial implications.

Last but not the least, Gopinath Group is committed to full compliance with all applicable legal and other regulations to which the company subscribes and relates to the environmental aspects.