1. Over four decades of experience: Over all those years we have probably seen most scenarios possible. This experience and the knowledge allows us to say to our clients that we will keep delivering this quality service for years to come.

2. Flexible Working Methodology: We know that we have to be as flexible as our clients’ schedules, and therefore will do the job at which ever times of the day or week are most convenient to the clients. If it has to be during working hours, off hours, or weekends, we will work when it is most convenient to you. We always formulate a plan that will work around the clients specific requirements.

3. Attendance to the specific needs: We have all that is needed to fulfill your requests. From the preparation stage of the project, through the closing of the project, you can be assured that our professionals will attend to your specific needs in order to achieve your complete satisfaction.

4. Facilities in Dubai, Ras Al Khor and Fujairah: With facilities in different emirates, we are able to provide materials for local transport, with competitive pricing and deliver product on time without compromising on quality.

5. Approved civil contractors for several Government organizations: including but not limited to DEWA, FEWA, EMARAT, EGA, RTA.

6. We know our job in and out: We have been doing what we do again and again and again for years. And as they say, practice makes man perfect