Painting Company

At Gopinath we also undertake CIVIL works for Commercial, Residential and Infrastructure projects with fair, respectful and valued treatment of the entire project team from the owner, architects, and engineers and to the trade contractors, Team work and Integrity are our core values.


1. Earth Works : In the electrical wiring of buildings, a cable tray system is used to support insulated electrical cables used for power distribution, control, and communication.We execute the work with our team along with specialist vendors.

2. Steel fixing & Shuttering Works : The Structural works starts with steel and shuttering for all kind of foundations as per required design given by approved firms as per buildings. Our qualified and experienced team including engineers will do close study of drawings to execute the work as per project schedule.

3. Concrete & Block Works: The concrete works at Retaining walls, Columns and Slabs also for specialized structures & Equipment foundations. We have a team for all variety of concrete works and block walls making experts who can achieve the objective with technical standards.

4. Plastering and Finishes with All Sizes : The final finishes start with plastering and surface finishes which finally would give the 100 % satisfaction factor to the whole structure/building.The walls and ceiling were given a fire proof and anticrack grade plastering and floor finished with glazed vitrified Italian floor tiles.

5. Tiles & Sanitary Works : Tiles and Sanitary is most typical and unique works which will set prestige of building. Our exclusive team will handle the tile and sanitary fixing works at all possible areas of building inside, outside and roof as well.