Ceilings in today’s world is rapidly changing and are categorized as an essential essence for interior space, because they offer the clear view for homes and offices.

We at Gopinath Group understand that Ceiling is an all important constituent for open plan office layout, because it defines its aesthetics and consist of ample surface area, which plays an important role in the acoustic and thermal comfort of a space.


  • Plain Regular Gypsum Board Ceiling
  • Plain Moisture resistant board Ceiling
  • Plain Fire rated board Ceiling
  • Plain Calcium silicate board Ceiling
  • Masharabia pattern Ceiling
  • Decorative Ceiling
  • External Ceiling
  • Aluminum Metal Ceiling

Gypsum Partitions Work:

Partitions are fundamentally the light weight, non-load bearing products which can getspeedily assembled on the site. We design spaces and divides its spacestructuring product listing into partitioning, screens, and wall cladding. We also design vertical surfaces and divide the office floor in closed and open areas, that provides acoustic and visual screening, or advance op enness and transparency. Partitioning allows privacy and concentration while sitting and wall cladding, with its structural possibilities, spread out the workplace, shapes and design walls.