At Gopinath Group, we understand that the scope of industrial site painting means, preparation and coatings; which may range from pipelines to power, from ships to tanks and so on… Each of these facilities require interior and exterior painting, as that is important to a facility’s structure and functionality.

Many industrial facilities never sleep as they are supplying our homes and businesses with power, fuel or water. Even the smallest disruption to an industrial facility and the service they provide caused by corrosion, may cause tens of thousands to go without power or other services. When a facility of this magnitude incurs a disruption, the costs that are incurred from downtime can be catastrophic to their business.

We strive to bring back the factor of sustainable durability of your factory without sacrificing the functionality of your facility and its’ equipment. Providing the right paint and coatings to your equipment can increase its lifetime, and we can do just that.

Our industrial painting staff are experienced in painting industrial facilities. Our company’s dedication to safety and continued education is at the root of our company culture. We bring a level of professionalism and pride to the painting industry you can trust. We are bound by this promise and work to deliver the best quality by the best painting professionals.


  • Epoxy Coating
  • Polyurethane Coating
  • Pipes/ Fittings External Coatings
  • Internal Lining
  • Tanks/ Vessel External Coating & Internal Lining
  • Marine Rigs Coating Works
  • High Solid /Glass Flake Coatings


  • Oil and Gas : Tank Farms/ Storage Silos Pipelines/ Valves
  • Marine and Shipping : Ships/ Yachts / Anchors Tow Boats/ Tug Boats Oil Rigs
  • Transportation and Logistics : Tankers/ Trailers/ Chassis Buses Containers